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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the third largest primary health care profession in the world (a primary health care professional being one who carries out both diagnosis and treatment) after medicine and dentistry.

Its practitioners bring relief to thousands of people who would otherwise suffer prolonged pain or illness.

The main focus of chiropractic is the relationship between the function of joints, muscles and the nervous system (neuromusculoskeletal disorders) and the effects of these disorders on health. The spine is of central importance.

The principal treatment is joint adjustment or manipulation. Management also includes rehabilitative exercises, patient education and lifestyle modification and the use of physical therapies, orthotics and other supports. There is also an emphasis on health promotion and early return to activities for injured patients. The focus on education and patient empowerment is an important factor in the success of chiropractic management and the high levels of patient satisfaction.

Chiropractic is a natural and conservative form of health care offering an alternative to medication and surgery. Accordingly it makes no use of drugs or surgery and has no aspirations to do so. Apart from high levels of general diagnostic skills, chiropractors are also trained how to take and analyse X-rays, when appropriate for use in establishing a diagnosis.

Conditions We Treat

You may be aware of the benefits of chiropractic for the relief of back and neck pain but did you know that chiropractic has proven to be an effective treatment for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly, for many common ailments including:

Cervicogenic headaches
Back pain originating from mechanical sprains
Posture difficulties
Mechanical Neck injuries
Shoulder, Arm and Wrist conditions
Acute sprains and strains from falls.
Sport injuries
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Dizziness if diagnosed as BPPV
Joint Stiffness
Muscle Spasms
Numbness and Tingling in various extremities if caused by nerve pressure
Scoliosis management and education

Healthy Back Tips

1. Exercise Regularly : This does not have to be anything overly strenuous. Something as simple as a daily walk can make a huge difference.

2. Eat A Healthy Diet : Proper nutrients allow the body to repair itself easier.

3. Maintain Good Posture : Are you sitting up straight as you read this?

4. Perform Adequate Stretching Before And After Sports : This will also help to loosen up the surrounding muscles.

5. Don’t Overload Your Backpack Or Purse : Remember to carry it over both shoulders to balance the load (if possible).

6. Stretch Your Legs And Back After Each Hour Of Sitting : Whether in a car or at a desk, stretching regularly will help to keep you from tightening up or injuring yourself further.

7. Never Cradle The Phone Between Your Neck And Shoulder

8. Sleep On Your back Or Side, Not On Your Stomach : This helps to keep your spine in line and reduces the risk of hurting your neck while you sleep.

9. Invest In A Good Chair, Pillow And Mattress : When you think about the amount of time you use these things each day, it’s worth it.

10. Be proactive in your day to day management. Please seek advise early from your health practitioner to avoid developing chronic, long term problems.


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