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What to expect

Telehealth Triage Consultation

During Stage 4 Restriction we need to triage and assess the reason for your call.
If you can have a face-to-face consultation then a booking will be made. 
If you do not qualify for face-to-face visit, some advise will be given to you during the video call.

Initial Consultation

A consultation of about 40 minutes duration where your primary presenting condition is reviewed to understand the nature of your problem. A series of diagnostic tests will then be performed to accurately diagnose the problem. If there is still some uncertainty about the nature of the complaint or if the injury is of a traumatic nature, x-rays may need to be taken.

X-Rays are only taken where absolutely necessary (Bulk Billed and off site). If you have past x-rays please bring them along to the consultation.

In the majority of situations you will receive some form of treatment and/or advice on your first visit.

Every effort is made to identify the cause of the injury so that corrective action may be taken by the patient to prevent its reoccurrence.

Subsequent Visits

The visits following the initial consultation are generally shorter in nature, about 20 minutes individual treatment time, and may consist of manipulation combined with some soft tissue work. You will be informed what frequency of treatment may be required to give you the maximum benefit. Advice and recommendations are always given. Once the cause of any issue is uncovered and treatment initiated exercises may be recommended to allow faster progress and help prevent reocurrence.

Extended Consultations

More time may be required from time to time where patients have complicated conditions or present with a number of problems. Please advise at the time of booking so that an adequate amount of time can be allocated.


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